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CBD Oil Side Effects - What are the Potential Side Effects of CBD Oil and Other CBD Products

With all its benefits, CBD oil's side effects have come up during studies, which we think warrants an examination. We believe it is every CBD manufacturer and supplier’s responsibility to tell their potential buyers what they are getting.
CBD oil has been used effectively in many cases as a treatment for various ailments. Some of its properties are known and well documented. However, research still needs to be done to ascertain whether it can be used for the various diseases, disorders, and pains that proponents claim it alleviates.

We are part of the movement for cannabis and its valuable properties, especially when they have medical benefits. Even as proponents, we believe in following science. Cannabidiol side effects have been documented and manifest the same way in affected people.

CBD side effects

Let’s learn what the side effects are and what risks they may pose. We will also debunk some misinformation along the way while clarifying what the science says, the research progress done so far and what it could mean for potential and current CBD oil users.

The Possible Side Effects of CBD Oil

The CBD side effects we will look at do not affect everyone all at once or manifest in the same person simultaneously. You may have a few of them manifest together or just one.

You may experience:

  • Altered alertness levels.
  • Possible liver injury in high doses
  • Appetite changes (it could go down or up)
  • Diarrhoea
  • Enhanced feelings of drowsiness and sedation when taken with alcohol or medicines meant to treat sleep disorders, stress, panic, and anxiety.
  • Interaction between CBD and other medications in your body, which could lead to serious side effects.

So far, much is not known about the adverse side effects of CBD, but studies are underway or planned to discover more.

The Unanswered CBD Oil Side Effects Questions

CBD products are available in some countries around the world. They are mainly sold in the black market with THC, and other cannabis compounds included. In regulated markets, CBD oil is usually produced in as pure form as possible.
Impure CBD is usually the leading cause of the CBD oil side effects UK buyers may face.

A study of CBD sold online found out quickly when several samples showed misleading labelling and impurities. It is this reason that prompts us to recommend that you get your CBD from a regulated supplier.

In the UK, the law says that CBD oil cannot contain more than 0.2% of THC. These minuscule minimums of psychoactive compounds ensure that side effects or bad reactions are rare (given the low potential for intense psychoactive reactions).

Typically, the side effects of CBD oil manifest during studies involving potent, high quality, and higher than normal daily doses of the compound.

The questions we have yet to answer include:

  • Does CBD affect the developing brain (children and teens)?
  • What happens with prolonged CBD use?
  • How much CBD do you have to take to gain the benefits without triggering a bad reaction?
  • What CBD side effects tingling does it have on the developing fetus and breastfeeding babies?
  • Some animal studies have indicated the potential for male infertility. Is that going to be the same case for humans?
  • In other animal studies, high doses have been shown to have liver damage. Will humans have to deal with liver injury too?

Some of these questions have been cynically used by detractors to paint CBD negative side effects in a falsely negative way by making claims that the conductors of the study themselves warn us about when they remind us that liver damage in rats is not comparable to what humans may experience.

We provide links to the studies' findings and the conclusions reached regarding the various observed side effects CBD oil may conjure. The field of cannabis research is only now hitting the mainstream, so to speak, which should offer us more information about these early findings for a more accurate of what risks exist and how they may affect humans.

Interaction with medication

One of the causes of CBD hemp oil's side effects is interaction with medication. Typically, doctors do not recommend mixing some medicines because they could cause a reaction that destabilises the body unless they mix well without causing an unfavourable reaction.

There is not much information about the interactions that could happen in the body. Still, we think it is essential to talk to your doctor if you are on any medication to ensure that you don't interrupt ongoing processes in your body or create new nasty ones.

Misinformation and safety

CBD products are marketed widely in various forms. Some of those forms are so novel as to bring up the question of their validity or benefit (think CBD-infused tampons!)

Many of the products you see are not regulated or approved for use by the relevant bodies in charge of ensuring public safety by rigorously testing products. False claims may lead people to engage in some dangerous trends, where they ditch conventional medicine for a false cure-all in the name of CBD.
In the UK, the law has specific obligations CBD sellers must fulfil to ensure a safe product. For instance, it cannot contain more than 0.2% of the psychoactive THC compound.

To ensure that anyone who buys from us does not face any side effects that can be avoided (interactions with medications are a good example of an avoidable side effect), we recommend that you always talk to your doctor about whether you can take CBD.

The internet is not a substitute for a medical expert, which is why you should always ask questions from experts like your doctor. If you cannot find any actionable information, we offer free consultations where you can ask all kinds of questions and access additional resources about CBD.

Additional precautions

Pregnant and breastfeeding women should not take CBD oil. A warning like this is not based on any adverse known side effects but rather on the fact that we do not know enough about CBD's effect on the developing fetus or breastfeeding child.
Because of these unknowns, we choose to err on the side of caution and recommend that children not be exposed to any CBD (except in) until the research is enough to make an informed choice.

Children can take CBD in small amounts in the form of an FDA-approved CBD drug called Epidiolex. It is not known if other CBD products other than this one are safe for children.

People with liver disease are advised to use lower doses than what an adult with a fully healthy liver might take. The reason for this is an animal study that found some liver strain. CBD detractors have used the findings to make unsubstantiated and wildly false claims.

The researchers noted in the findings that the livers of small rodents are not the same as those of human beings and that the research used maximum daily doses; something that is generally not recommended for anyone since the current idea of an ideal amount is much lower than what it would take to cause liver damage.

Some of the available early research also gives us reason to caution against administering CBD to individuals with Parkinson’s disease. The study says that taking high doses of CBD may make muscle tremors and movements worse in some people with the disease.

NOTE: It is recommended that the product be administered orally in doses of up to 25mg/kg daily in children with the special conditions that CBD helps manage and treat.